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Discover a history of proven results

Inside Fre-Flo 

Fre- Flo Distribution INC. has been a proven leader in the warehousing business for over 25 years. With recent expansion into new industries throughout the country, Fre-Flo Distribution is in the heart of Dayton, Ohio. Our 120,000-sq. ft. facility is conveniently located for shipping coast to-coast and is ideally situated to leverage Company’s supply chain operations, with access to major transportation recourses through-out the Midwest.  


Why Fre-Flo? 

We pride ourselves with exceeding customers’ expectations with our wide variety of services, competitive cost and focusing on YOU. Our elite team is trained to provide quality service for all your specifics needs. We will provide you with honest, factual and accurate information at no cost or obligation to you.

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