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From start to finish, it's handled


Serve your customers with the right product, at the right time and in the right place. Benefit from a decade’s worth of experience and expertise in handling every imaginable distribution situation.


With Fre-Flo Distribution fulfillment services, you can hand off the entire operation and let us take care of the details start-to-end, regardless of scale or complexity.


This labor-intensive service includes picking multiple SKUs, packing, affixing labels and packing lists. If you sell it, we’ll make sure it gets done on time. We pride ourselves in exceeding your expectation with accurately picked product, properly packaged and in great condition when it leaves our hands.


Capabilities include:

  • Specialized packaging projects

  • Performing assembly, packaging, shrink wrapping and labeling

  • High quality packaging support to manufacturers, distributors, importers, retailers and other shippers

  • Providing a quick turnaround on project without sacrificing the integrity of our customers’ final product

In House - Recycling  

We pride ourselves in going green. We create a safe and healthy solution for the environment and our customers.

Fre-Flo recycles

all types of commodities:

  • Paper 

  • Plastic  

  • Metals

  • Wood Pallets 


We stop 100 thousand tons of products going into land fields across the US a year, by finding new resources for the material. Continue helping Fre-Flo go green in your companies’ workspace.  



“Don’t throw it in the TRASH!

Recycle with CLASS!"

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