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Quality and Accessibilty

Commercial Storage 

Effective service at an efficient cost doesn’t just happen. It takes good and tested blend of talent, equipment, and expertise to make it all come together on time and at the lowest cost. Don’t let the logistics of storing, packaging and shipping your products take your focus away from running and growing your business. Whether you are storing access production, saving materials for upcoming projects or moving items between locations, we can help you find a safe and controlled environment that best fit your needs.


Contract Storage 

Contract warehousing is for clients that need storage for more than 30 days. It has several benefits, and more attractive rates. Fre-Flo helps you find the best contract terms, area and environment that works for your budget, schedule and inventory. If you are seeking a period of two months, two years or more, we’ll find an ideal location and terms in our extensive network of warehouse providers. You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you like; select a contract that includes space and operations, or you can provide the labor or control for the area, depending on what works best for your situation.


Cross docking allows for efficient pool distribution within an area and reduces shipping expenses. With this service, it allows our customer to bypass storage charges by moving freight in a sequence from receiving to outbound shipping. Freight is moved quickly from a brief holding point until it is redistributed within a region.



We provide 100% quality inspection for our customers. We operate in compliance for sorting, repacking, labeling, pre-approved procedures and reporting all defects found.

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